INDIAN IDOL (The Reality)

Have an idea about the fake reality shows pertaining in INDIA ?

The shows like this:

I think I need to reveal each and every fact to justify myself as I have pointed a finger on a big stuff.

OK, so let’s take a tour to what happens during the auditions of our INDIAN IDOL.

Auditions started at 9 a.m. . I reached the concerned place i.e. IPS College,Indore at 10 a.m. . As expected, there was a long half a kilometer line which i have to transcend. I could make entry inside the college at 1:30. Fine, it’s totally fine. After entry, I had one more line which stopped me for about 45 minutes. Fine. Moving further, I made entry inside the main building where i saw around 1000 participants ( who will be giving auditions before me). Fine, lets wait.

Guess what ? My turn came after 5 hours. It’s totally fine. I have no issues regarding that. I entered the main audition room with 9 others. ( They were calling a crowd of 10 in one go.)

Now let me tell you how an audition place for INDIAN IDOL looks like. No, it’s NOT like the one you see on you TVs. You won’t be finding Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik or anyone shown in TV auditions there. A man, never seen by me at least in any show or contest, with some sort of frustration, will welcome you inside a classroom with no mic and no setup. The JUDGE will ask you to sing.

Let’s get started.

First guy, “just stared the song” (3 seconds)

JUDGE: “Next”

Second Guy( That’s me) i sang for like 4 seconds.

JUDGE: “Next”

Third Guy: “hmmmmmmm…” started a song with humming (2 seconds)

JUDGE: “Next”

and theNext” by judge continued.

10 contestants 40 seconds and it’s just over. Believe me, the starting tone of some old melodies lasts more than this.

We left the room and a guy with the result asked us to follow to the decision disclosing area( on the other end of college building, I know why !). They had whole female staff there. She asked us to stand in a queue and said that the ones whose name she will call, can leave. She called out all the 10 names. Let me tell you, this was the first round and they had 2 or 3 more rounds in Indore city only.

What I felt bad wasn’t their decision. It was the way the auditions took place. 3 seconds ? Are they in there senses ?

During all this waiting business, I met a guy in line who was pretty much confident regarding his selection. When I asked him the reason for such confidence.
He said, “ Mera to ho hi jayega, Indian Idol academy se hu main, judge to meri academy main hi sikhata hai na” ( I will surely get selected as I am in Indian Idol academy and the judge out there is my teacher there).
When I asked, “Do such things happen in such a show like these ?
He replied, “Bhai ander saare Indore ki local academy kehi judge hai, humko nahi le jaengay tokise le jaengay, agli baar auditions se pehle tu bhi join kar lena academy to tera first aur second round to clear ho hi jayega” ( Brother, all the judges inside belong to the local academies of Indore city. If they wont select us then who would they select ? Next time, before auditions, you also join the academy and you will easily qualify for first and second round.)

It was only me who knew how much hurt I was when I came across the dirty truth behind these shows. Standing 9 hours for the auditions and being trashed out in just 4 seconds.

The same happened in Lucknow auditions. Watch this:

Indian Idol Lucknow auditions-2016

Scenes from Jaipur auditions:
Indian Idol Jaipur auditions-2016

Watch these videos and you will realize the truth.

This is me singing a song:
Shubham Gupta- Main shayar to nahin.

I don’t know if I am good enough or not. But 4 seconds is not even the least time that would have been given.

Moreover, I would like you all to share this as much as possible.

May the conditions change.

Peace !


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